West End Fitness

Corrective Movement training

Jos came to West End Fitness as a baby.   He has been trained to observe movement sessions, and if someone wants he is happy to assist in the training;  otherwise he can enjoy his private nap time.


Gym Dog

Certified Assistant for All Needs

Black Lab

Born May 27th, 2013

Wendy Willis

Corrective Movement Specialist


Masters in Exercise Physiology

Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Nike Golf Performance Specialist

If you are recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic aches or pains, want to increase sports performance, or just want to maintain a certain level of fitness then I am who you want to see.

I train the whole system.  I address the underlying concerns that are causing chronic pain by implementing fundamental principles  of individuality and three dimensional movement.  Strategies are developed by assessing and training how your body reacts and adapts to forces we are exposed to daily like gravity, ground reaction, and mass and momentum).

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  I have enjoyed being a teacher, coach, and trainer.  My programs are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Everyone is treated as an individual with their own unique needs. I completed a 40 week fellowship program in Applied Functional Science (AFS) through the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation. I studied under acclaimed physical therapists Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio. They are considered the original and ultimate authority on functional (real movement) training and rehabilitation. I continue to actively pursue knowledge to help my clients to the best of my ability.