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 My goal for you is to make sure you are able to enjoy doing what you love to do.  Movement is essential to staying active, whether it is gardening, walking West Cliff, playing pickleball, surfing, lifting weights, running marathons, or enjoying family and friends.  We need to maintain our bodies on a daily basis to facilitate an ease of motion.  My passion is teaching you to maintain your body and facilitate an ease of motion in your daily life.

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West End Fitness

​Helping one client at a time

Are you recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic aches and pains?
Do you want to improve your golf game? Tennis game? Surfing?...
Can you no longer do an activity you used to love because it now causes you pain?
Are you frustrated with your lack of progress?
Do you have bad posture?
Do you struggle with balance?
Do you sit for the majority of the day?
Do your knees hurt going up or down hills or stairs?
Do lunges or squats hurt your knees?
Do you feel like your abdominals are non-existent?
Do your feet often hurt?
Do you tend to injure yourself when you work out?
Does your back hurt?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions or just want to focus on your health and fitness – West End Fitness is where you should be.