Gym Dog

Certified Assistant for All Needs

Black Lab

Born May 27th, 2013

Jos came to West End Fitness as a baby.   He has been trained to observe movement sessions, and if someone wants he is happy to assist in the training;  otherwise he can enjoy his private nap time.

Jos often has visiting friends who are also well trained in assisting.

West End Fitness

​Helping one client at a time

Wendy Binsted (Willis)

Masters in Exercise Physiology
Fellow of Applied Functional Science 
AIM Practitioner
Zhealth Practitioner
Integrative Health Practitioner
Certified Massage Therapist 

I have over 30 years experience. My private practice, at West End Fitness, is where I personally evaluate and develop a program for each client, one on one. I’ve learned that no one technique works for everything or everyone. My diverse education and years of experience developed my unique way of evaluating and working with clients.

I use movement, neural, and tissue work to help clients feel and move better. I specialize in proper body mechanics and posture and use different modalities to teach people how to correct and maintain their bodies and facilitate an ease of motion in their daily lives or sport. 

I hold degrees in physical education and exercise physiology, and study under renowned biomechanists, physical therapists, soft tissue and neuro specialists, and energy workers.
I look forward to helping you.